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Drilling with Pablo Fajre

Pablo Fajre putting me through hell. Work in progress. Goes to show you not all drills are done perfect at...

Bay Club Pleasanton Racquetball Tournament

Bay Club Classic

The Bay Club Classic was held in Pleasanton, California. Great competition from the local pros and former pros. Bay Club...

Bobby Horn Racquetball

Photos by KSphotography Racquetball Media

Kevin Savory of KSphotography Racquetball Media published his favorites photos year to date in 2019 on Facebook. The ones of...

USA Racquetball National Championship 2019

Band Work To Support Shoulders (Injury Prevention and Recovery)

To keep shoulders strong and ready for the racquetball court, a number of exercises using bands are appropriate. Rotation work....

Gearbox Mew M40

Gearbox New M40 Racquetball Racquet

The New M40 is now available. Go to to learn more.

Circuit Training

Little circuit from my training this weekend. Trying to get on point before the Chicago pro stop this week. Gearbox...