Case of the Skips?

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Case of the Skips?
April 25, 2016
Bobby Horn

Two Ways To Reduce Skipping And Win More Points

The dreadful skip and trying to hit that one inch high shot or ball that completely rolls is something we can all relate to. The problem we all run into including professionals is that accurately hitting that shot at a high percentage is nearly impossible . What if I told you that I have two easy steps to reduce your number of skips? Let’s take a look

Step One: Stop thinking about rollouts and kills.

This is the obvious one that we all know but just can’t resist doing. Let me suggest this, instead of focusing on the rollout or kill shot,  focus on trying to hit a solid shot and angle, if you happen to kill the ball then great! By using this method, I was able to get to a high open level by winning points and even matches. It is all about accepting the mentality and not thinking about that kill shot. If it happens it happens.

Step Two: Give yourself a bigger target.

Focusing on a bigger target is an idea that I teach most when giving lessons.  High skip counts are often a result of aiming at a target too small. I like to explain targets by comparing it to shooting a bow and arrow. When aiming for a target, would it be easier to aim for a penny or a watermelon? Easy right? The watermelon! Many of us when playing racquetball aim between the ground and the three inches up the front wall which results in a very difficult target and most certainly will increase your skip rate. The easy fix, aim for 6 inches to 18 inches instead and use a flat swing (which is another topic in itself) to make contact.  The results, a great shot that will not come off the back wall for your opponent. By increasing the size of your target, you will skip less and increase your shot accuracy.

Using these two steps has worked for me and it will work for you too!  My challenge for you, get to the courts and give it a try. Commit yourself to these two ideas and enjoy winning more rallies and games!