Drill for Consistency

Video for today is a good way to practice your technique and consistency. I also use this routine for warming up for every match and it is great for a drilling session if you are limited on time. Your goal is to hit the ball down the line without hitting a the side wall. The ball must pass between you and the side wall.

Three spots to hit from are the service box, the safety zone, and from the last 5 feet of the court in the back. I threw in a variation of the back wall drop and hits for advanced players. 4-6 minutes from each spot both forehand and backhand side. Gives you a good 30 minutes give or take of solid training. Enjoy and I hope this helps at least one of you!!

For those who read this far, one extra tip for this is to not worry about killing the ball. Hit it 6-18 inches high straight down that line. It will build consistency.

Posted by David "Bobby" Horn on Monday, May 1, 2017