The US National Singles event is over and what a week it was. I spent the beginning of the week spending lots of time hanging out with Anthony Herrera and Jake. We decided to spend Monday and Tuesday playing disc golf in 105 degree weather. Jake and Anthony heads up are 1-1 so they have a tiebreaker soon here. We also went and saw the second Guardians of the Galaxy. I think we all agreed that it was a good movie, but just a little disappointing compared to the first one. Overall, it was real nice to have some fun and get away from the racquetball court with good company. Staying with Anthony, Ashley, and little PG Herrera is always amazing and I feel more relaxed after staying there.

Throughout the event, I spent my time with Jake, Jose Diaz, and Robert Collins. This group is probably one of the most funny groups to hang out with at an event. We are constantly cracking jokes and talking trash with each other. No jokes are really off limits and it is even better when none of us take the jokes too seriously. We went out to eat and played cornhole a lot on Mill Ave. Cornhole was super competitive between this group and it was interesting to see who was worse between Diaz and Robbie. Robbie was by far the worst early on but by Sunday, I would like to see a 1v1 between him and Diaz. I think it would be a battle. Anyways, we now have a group text going between the four of us, and lets just say it is beyond hilarious.

The actual tournament was fun to hang out by the Stadium court and watch matches. Jake and Diaz played in the quarters and Diaz was able to take out Jake in the tiebreaker. Little crazy after watching Jake kill him game one. Diaz has a way to battle and somehow work through tough moments. Diaz did a similar thing in the semis versus Rocky except he lost in the breaker. Maybe he ran out of gas?? I was able to sneak by Jose Rojas in the semifinals with some tough serves in the tie breaker. Jose is always tough and I love playing him because we always push each other to be better. In the finals, I fell short of my goal of national champion to Rocky Carson. I felt like I played a tough match and played point for point against him. I had plenty of opportunities and got into the box to serve plenty to have a chance in the match, however I did not convert enough. It hurts a lot to lose that match but congrats to Rocky for being the better player in the finals and winning a national title. It is time to go home and work on my game to try and have a different result next time we play.

I am now home for a week to prepare and train for back to back WRT events in Mexico. Should be a fun but long trip.

I want to say thank you for all the people who support me. Obviously my family, friends, team, and sponsors always support me, but there has been a lot of people outside of my close group that show support by writing me all the time. I appreciate you all. Thank you very much!!

That is it for now. Thanks for reading and see you guys soon!!