Pre-National singles

Nationals are only a few days away and I arrived early to Arizona to get ready for the tournament. I love coming into the Phoenix area early or staying late because I always get to see Anthony Herrera. Anthony is a full time husband and father and no longer travels to tournaments with me so I guess you could say I miss the guy. I see some racquetball, pickle ball, disc golf, and Culvers in our plans here. Jake Bredenbeck also is here early which will add to the pre-tournament ridiculousness. If you ask any other players that have traveled with Jake and I, they will tell you we don’t really sit around ever while we are on the road. We are getting to experience so many different places and we like to take advantage of that opportunity.

Culver’s by the way, probably has my favorite ice cream dessert I’ve ever had. They have a vanilla frozen custard that I can eat by the pints. My over/under on of frozen custard in 7 days is 9 pints. You might be able to say I have a problem. 

On the tournament side, the draws are up on here at r2sports and it looks to be pretty solid. I missed last years nationals due to my college graduation so I can’t compare to last years. This is the last qualification tournament for the singles spots for Team USA for the next year so it’s pretty awesome that I have a chance to play for one of those spots and be in a great position to make the team. 

Outside of the US Team qualifying divisions, there are many other divisions that lots of friends from NorCal are playing in and I can’t wait to see all those people bring back some hardware back home. 

Anyways, good luck to all at Nationals this year. Play hard and be safe.