There is not a secret

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been uploading some video and talking with a lot of people over social media about how I train and what it takes to get better. The video I have put out so far is not even a small piece of the tip of the iceberg of what I do on a regular day to day basis. It is a long process to keep improving and it takes a lot of work to actually improve your game. The most common question I get is for some sort of secret or some easy fix to hit the ball well or move faster. The real answer is that there really is no crazy secret. The secret is called work! I have worked with many people on my game and many great coaches over the years. They all have different teaching methods and drills, but they all have something in common and that is hard work and putting in the time. That “secret” you are looking for, is hard work and time. When I say work, I really mean WORK! You have to commit time and effort to improve. You have to make some sacrifices to get to your goal. If you are looking to get better movement on the court, then maybe you should spend 4-10 hrs a week working on that skill. How about that serve you just can’t seem to get in right or hit perfect? Then set a goal of hitting that serve 200 times at least 3 times a week. It really comes down to how much you really want to improve your game. Now if you are really serious about wanting to get better, you have to stop looking for the secret and get in the court to work on your game. In the end, all the drills that you have learned or seen on videos with me, any other pro, or instructors, are great for you to use in your training. If they are easy, then you do not need to spend as much time on them. If the drill is difficult, then that is when you set a nice chunk of time throughout your week to work on developing that skill. That might even mean you have to cut back on netflix for the night or get 30 min less sleep for the day.

I hope a few of you take this and go get better.
Nationals start in less than a week and I could not be more excited to compete.